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Le Twist comes in a chic gift pouch with a
brochure showing how to wear it. And it's
incredibly affordable...only $14.99.
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Le Twist Necklace
Le Twist Bracelet
Le Twist Handband
Le Twist Scarf Ring
Le Twist Ankle Bracelet
Bend it, twist it, braid it, sculpt it. Combine two together to create any style or look: a necklace, a bracelet, a hair-band, an ankle bracelet, a scarf-ring, a belt. Mix it with other jewelry, or use it to dress up a boot or a bag. Its unique construction holds its shape until you decide to twist it into a new design.

You can sculpt it in hundreds of ways to reflect any mood or to go with any look – from city chic to barefoot on the beach. Style it into a necklace to fit any neckline, or bend it into a elegant bangle. Toss it in your luggage when you’re traveling and you’ll never be without the perfect accessory. There’s no end to what you can do!
Available in a wide array of colors – from the classic metals to the two-color and multi-colored combos – Le Twist comes in an attractive gift pouch with a brochure showing how to wear it.

Fun and funky. Chic and unique. Whatever you are or you want to be… Le Twist.